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Steel Valley Middle School Students Promote Acceptance in Honor of Martin Luther King Day–Students in Steel Valley Middle School’s “Stand Together” group honored Martin Luther King, Jr. day by promoting their organization along with the qualities of kindness and acceptance. (click to read more)

SVMS Promotes Stand-ing Together, Kindness, and Acceptance–Martin Luther King Jr. Day is on Monday and Stand Together used today to promote stand together, kindness and acceptance. (click to read more)

Steel Valley’s “Stand Together” Student Group Spreads Message of Acceptance–In December, Steel Valley Middle School’s “Stand Together” members spent a day spreading the message, “Don’t be a Grinch! Have a Heart!” (click to read more)

Schools Taking Steps to Prevent Student Suicides–(Districts address ways to reduce daily stress)…West Mifflin Area High School is one of 15 in Allegheny County with a “Stand Together” program, in which students are trained by county staff to help recognize signs of mental illness or distress among their peers…(click to read more)

SV Middle School Students “Stand Together” to Make Positive Changes–The Allegheny County Office of Behavioral Health partnered with Steel Valley Middle School students for its “Stand Together” initiative for the third year…(click to read more)

Teen Filmmakers Fighting Stigma of Mental Illness, Hosting Facebook Live Event–S-T-I-G-M-A. It’s labeling someone. It’s creating a feeling of being ostracized. It’s a generalization or stereotype…(click to read more)

Stand Together Program Earns National Recognition–Allegheny County and its Department of Human Services (DHS) has been honored by the National Association of Counties (NACo) with a 2017 “Best in Category” Achievement Award for Stand Together, an educational initiative created by DHS designed to reduce the stigma of mental illness…(click to read more)

Stand Together Gains Local, National Recognition–There was much to celebrate at the 2017 Stand Together Project Presentation and Recognition event…(click to read more)

West Mifflin Students Changing Beliefs about Mental Illness–The second annual ColorRun 5K was held at West Mifflin Area Middle School on Saturday, April 29. The event was hosted by the Stand Together student team, whose missions is to decrease…(click to read more)

Steel Valley Students “Stand Together” to Bring Awareness to Mental Illness–Steel Valley Middle School’s “Stand Together” group planned and implemented its first “Glow in the Dark” Dodgeball Tournament on February 16, geared toward combating the stigma surrounding mental illness. The successful event was comprised of more than…(click to read more)

Stand Together Helps Students Talk Openly About Mental Health–Nikki, a senior at West Mifflin Area High School, has battled depression for two years. Her father passed away when she was 9, an event she’s struggled to cope with for years. Feeling useless and  overwhelmed, Nikki has contemplated— and even …(click to read more)

Students Stand Together to End Mental Illness Stigma–Mental illness is often kept secret, to devastating effect. About half of American students 14 and older who live with mental illness drop out of school. Up to three-quarters of youth in juvenile detention are coping with at least one mental illness. And suicide is the third…(click to read more)

Project Arms Students to Handle Social Pressures–On a Wednesday this spring, students at West Mifflin Area High School put pen to paper to reveal hard truths — about social stigma, mental illness and the pressures of fitting in.  The platform was a “truth booth,” a green-painted wood structure situated in the hallway of the…(click to read more)

Local Students Stand Together to End ‘Stigma’ About Mental Illness–How do you change something if you don’t know it exists?  That is the challenge when it comes to the subject of mental illness.  Hundreds of middle school and high school students joined together to say we need to end what they call “the stigma.”  The students …(click to read more)

Stand Together Aims to End Mental Illness Stigma–“The time is just right to end stigma associated with mental illness, and I think we’ve found a strategy to do so,” says Holly McGraw-Turkovic, program director.  The group’s Stand Together program is that strategy: It brings groups of high-school kids together who…(click to read more)

South Allegheny Students Stand Up Against Stigmas of Mental Illness–South Allegheny students are taking a stand against the stigma associated with mental illness.  The district’s middle school partnered with Allegheny County Department of Human services by incorporating the Stand Together initiative into its character education classes…(click to read more)

Workshops Educate Students, Dispel Myths About Mental Illness–“I learned a lot about how to respect people more … and how powerful words can be,” said Jenna, 14, an eighth-grader. The middle school is one of 10 schools in Allegheny County with…(click to read more)

Thought School Was Tough?  Stigma of Mental Illness Makes It Tougher–Getting kids to encourage their classmates to stop stigmatizing mental health issues is somewhat uncharted territory, which is one of the reasons Pittsburgh Cares is teaming with Allegheny County to devise new school-based programs around this issue.  The program…(click to read more)


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