One out of five youth have a mental illness or substance use disorder. Stigma and discrimination can have a devastating effect on them. They are our friends, family, fellow students, co-workers, and neighbors. The good news is people can and do recover from mental illness and substance use disorders and lead satisfying productive lives. If you are living with a mental illness, know someone who is, or just want to help, take our pledge to help end stigma.


School Pledge

Our School pledges to create a safe and welcoming environment for students and parents who have behavioral health challenges.

Individual Pledge

• I commit myself to ending stigma towards youth or adults who have a mental illness or substance use disorder by educating myself and others about these disorders.
• I will not ridicule those with a mental illnesses or substance use disorder.
• I will not use stigmatizing language like “psycho”, “mental”, “schizo” to refer to anyone whether that person has an illness or not.
• If someone tells me they are having suicidal thoughts, I will take this seriously and make sure they get the help they need.
• I realize that a mental illness or a substance use disorder is only a PART of who the person is, but it doesn’t completely define him/her. I will not judge people by their diagnosis but by who they are as a whole person.
• I know that caring friends can make all the difference in a person’s recovery, so I pledge to support others who have or develop a disorder such as anxiety or depression.

Please sign our pledge!

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These are the 2652 people who have signed our pledge…

Name City State School
Dylan Quigley Pittsburgh PA Shaler Area
Sean Lee Pittsburgh PA Shaler Area Highschool
Ella Mizera Glenshaw PA Shaler Area HS
Nick Truong Pittsburgh PA Shaler Area High School
Hope Wiggins Pittsburgh PA Shaler Area High School
Alana Steinmetz Millvale PA Shaler Area High School
Campbell McCann Pittsburgh PA Avonworth High School
gianna cicero Pittsburgh PA Avonworth
Sierra Smiley Wexford PA North Allegheny Senior High School
Na\’rayah Clairton City Pleasant Hills Middle School
Samantha Smith Homeville West Mifflin Area High School
Caroline M Whitaker PA West Mifflin Area High School
Monica Port Vue PA Founders Hall/mckeesport
Janiyah F Clairton PA Thomas Jefferson High School
Sam P New Homestead PA West Mifflin
Haley Gerkin Dravosburg PA West Mifflin
Paige Bayton West Mifflin West Mifflin Area High School
Iyauna Little Duquesne PA West Mifflin
Anthony Ferrier Glassport South Allegheny
Athena Dickey
Ethan Russell Port vue PA South Allegheny
Suha Joe McKeesport PA South Allegheny MS
Crystal Cappello McKeesport PA South Allegheny
Alton Collazo Port Vue South Allegheny Middle School
Nathan Kulka Mcessport PA South Allegheny
Trenton Popovich
Kassidie Pape Glassport PA South Allegheny middle school and high school
Kaevon Washington Pittsburgh PA South Allegheny Middle School
Abigail Allan PA
Jaxson Champ
Kaelin Thomas
Heather Egenlauf
Treasure Ekunfeo Glassport PA South Allegheny
Jared Sucevic Duquesne, PA West Mifflin
Cheyenne Peters South Park PA South Park High school
Madison Midden South Park PA South Park high school
Briannon Miller South Park PA South Park High School
Ingolberth Sportella Pittsburgh South park high school
Mikayla Stearns Pittsburgh PA South Park High School
Maddy Serbak South Park PA South Park High School
Harley Bonani Pittsburgh PA South park
Mekenzie Giles south park PA south park high school
justin kennedy pittsburgh PA South Park High school
Carolyn Doyle South Park PA South Park High School
Isabella Ruston West homestead PA Steel Valley MS
Dasauni Bowman Duquesne PA West Mifflin
Jae’Lyne Cobbs Duquesne PA West Mifflin
Shaay Coleman west mifflin PA west mifflin area high school
Taryn Shutika mckees rocks PA Montour High School
AJ Manges Jr. Pittsburgh PA Montour High School

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