Youth Workshop 1

A full day workshop for 20 middle and/or high school students delivering age appropriate lessons that educate students about stigma and mental illness. All learning activities will present information in an engaging way so that students can understand it, own it, and take compassionate action against it.

Youth Workshop 2

A full day service-learning workshop for the same 20 students. Students will learn how to implement the service-learning process to take self-directed action to decrease stigma in their schools through the completion of a service-learning project. Prior to the end of the workshop, students will learn about the mini-grant opportunity and work on a first draft of their proposal.

Youth Workshop 3

A half-day workshop for the same 20 students. This workshop is optional for Tier 3 schools and not needed at all for Tier 1 or 2 schools. If needed, Tier 3 school participants will work on drafting their mini-grant proposal with the help of a trainer.

Mental Health First Aid Training for Adult Educators

For faculty and administrators at no charge by the Southwestern PA Regional Mental Health First Aid Collaborative. This is a nationally certified eight hour training that focuses on the mental health needs of children and adolescents. Participating in this training, while recommended, is not required for participation in the project and is an added benefit. If you are interested in bringing this FREE training to your school, please contact Mike Gruber ( at the Office of Behavioral Health.


Abuse v. Addiction
Diagnoses 101

Common Mental Illnesses & Descriptions
Myths and Facts about Mental Illness
Matching Activity
Matching Game
Mental Health First Aid handout
Myths and Facts about Substance Abuse and Addiction
Music Play List
Parent Letter
Pledge to End Stigma
Project Flow handout
School Agreement
Where Do You Stand?
Youth Registration Form

Activities to Use

Diversity Buttons
Game of Elimination
Stop Stigma BINGO card
Stop Stigma BINGO instructions

Videos that Inspire