Stand Together is a student-to-student initiative that inspires and equips youth to take action against stigma associated with mental illness and substance use disorders. Allegheny County’s Office of Behavioral Health is engaging area middle and high school students throughout Allegheny County by providing anti-stigma training and service learning experiences. Students work to ‘stand together’ to increase education and awareness, increase social inclusion, and encourage adolescents to talk to an adult if they are concerned about their own or another student’s mental health.

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By Danyelle Borish / September 17, 2020

All-School Summer Projects: eZines!

This year’s “Summer of Isolation” originally seemed like it would be monotonous and boring. But, thanks to Stand Together, it...

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By Danyelle Borish / June 23, 2020

Guest Blog: Finding Humanity Amidst the Chaos (Julius Boatwright)

While we're living in the midst of a public health pandemic and seeing some of the most wretched police brutality happen, it can be difficult for us to honor the humanity in other people. Every time we scroll through social media, we don't have to look far...

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By Danyelle Borish / May 26, 2020

My Experience: Depression & Anxiety Awareness Week (Brandy)

Unsurprising to most (looking back, myself included), my symptoms of depression and anxiety began when I was a child. What I do find interesting is that my symptoms changed over time...

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Students design and implement student-to-student projects in their schools to stop stigma.


Adult Leaders oversee the students work and work with other school staff and administration.


This is an optional role. Trainers are external staff that lead the workshops and oversee the operation.

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One out of five youth have a mental illness or substance use disorder. Stigma and discrimination can have a devastating effect on them. They are our friends, family, fellow students, co-workers, and neighbors. The good news is people can and do recover from mental illness and substance use disorders and lead satisfying productive lives. If you are living with a mental illness, know someone who is, or just want to help, take our pledge to help end stigma.

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