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Trainer & Coordinator: Danyelle Hooks


Many of you know Danyelle from last year, but if you haven’t met her yet, here’s what you need to know: Boring Stuff Roles: administrate website and social media, coordinate and facilitate school workshops, plan EOY event, conduct Youth Mental Health First Aid trainings, develop and revise materials Experience: worked […]

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This year’s WMHS Stand Together club has 76 (!!!) students and we definitely started the year off right! Their fearless leader, Ms. Rowe, has been advising this group for the past 5 years and is deeply passionate and invested in this program. She’s even presenting at a national conference in […]

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NEW TA: Jordan Corcoran!!!

Jordan 2

Jordan Corcoran went to Mercyhurst College. During her freshman year, she was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder. After going through a very difficult struggle with coming to terms and learning to cope with these disorders, Jordan created an outlet where people can openly and candidly share their […]

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NEW Trainer: Meet Lacey Agresta!

Lacey 2

Hey ya’ll! My name is Lacey Agresta and I am a project trainer with Stand Together. The end goal of my job is to break down stigma and educate our youth about mental health and substance use. I achieve this by going into classrooms all around Allegheny County and facilitate […]

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  I do not know about you but I need a break! Like a real break- specifically for my sanity and health and the reaffirming of my humanity, Because clearly doing anything while Black is…. Well you get the point. If you don’t- Evelyn for the internets (@eveeeezy) explains it […]

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Propel HS: Black-Out Stigma

Propel bubble

Propel: Braddock Hills High School had another great year with their Black-Out Stigma week of activities. The students came up with some pretty overwhelming ideas during their brainstorming sessions, but were able to create some unforgettable projects. PBHS is known for innovation, creativity, and impact and they didn’t disappoint! Although […]

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PTSD Awareness Day 2017

6.27.17 ptsd blog 1

You may or may not know that today is PTSD Awareness Day. PTSD stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and occurs after an individual has seen or experienced a distressing event that involved the threat of injury or death, such as abuse, assault, war, or car accidents. An individual can also […]

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Environment, friendship, and community are three values that Environmental Charter School values and it clearly showed in their Lemonade for Change project. In May, the students implemented their stand during lunch to raise awareness about mental health concerns and provide valuable information about mental health, stigma, and hope. Students were greeted by […]

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Although it was Carlynton’s first year in the Stand Together initiative, they hit the ground running! CHS joined us as a Tier 2 school this year, completing two tool-kits and facilitating 4 days worth of activities during their school’s lunch periods. Although CHS is small, their team is mighty and […]

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Arsenal MS: Cool Aid Stand


Arsenal MS had another great Lemonade 4 Change project this year. Their team, the Stigma Stoppers, implemented three separate ‘Cool Aid Stands’ in an effort to promote understanding and inclusion among their student body regarding mental illness, particularly concerning the stigma associated with seeking and receiving treatment. The Cool Aid […]

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