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Stand Together empowers middle and high school students to combat the stigma surrounding mental health and substance use disorders. We know some teens are struggling with these issues and may not seek help. Our goal is to normalize talking about mental health and substance use disorders so that students share their experiences and get assistance when they need it.

“The students are truly the voice behind all that we do. It empowers them to do great things and send out a meaningful message about life with mental health conditions. Empathy is an impactful tool in this world, and you are funding a whole entity that believes in it.”

Lauren Rowe,
WMHS Stand Together Advisor

“The Block Out Stigma Project was the epitome of encouraging students to Stand Together and recognize the importance of valuing mental health and wellness. Students worked collaboratively to create a safe and welcoming environment where we could talk about mental and behavioral health, creating a true culture of dignity where all students and staff feel valued.”

Amanda J. Badali-Pagnotta,
M.Ed. Propel BH

“You have given me and many others a tremendous platform. We need people like you who can provide others with comfort about these tough topics... because of Stand Together, I’ve been able to contribute to Active Minds (a college mental health club), so I truly thank you for that.”

Mary Rose Slobodnyak,
ST 'Alum,' WMHS, Class of 2019

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