Carlynton Cougars – Scratching Out Stigma

Carlynton Cougars – Scratching Out Stigma

This was Carlynton High School’s second year in Stand Together, and they did not disappoint! The students were so informed and educated on mental health and stigma before the trainings had even gotten started. Seeing this really showed me how much of a difference they are making in their school by spreading awareness and educating others on mental illness, substance abuse, and the stigma that goes along with them.


We started the first day with discussions about mental illness, substance abuse, stigma, and many other topics. The students had some productive discussions and responses to the topics we covered. Later in the day we played a game of Bingo, where the students find things that they have in common with other students. All the students participated and really dug deep into knowing more about the person that they had something in common with. Watching the students progress throughout the day was special; they created bonds with each other that really promoted a trusting environment.


DSCN0964On the second day of training, we began the project planning process. The previous year, the group came up with some awesome projects, including my personal favorite, “Sand Together.” Click on the link at the bottom of the page to check it out! The students started brainstorming about how they could make this year’s projects even better. They came up with a great idea to promote social inclusion and education! They broke up into groups and officially began planning how they were going to execute it.DSCN1004


All in all, Carlynton showed me how dedicated and passionate they are about this program. Their participation and willingness to learn and be open-minded was refreshing to see. I cannot wait to see what their final projects! Fantastic job Carlynton, thank you for letting me come in and be a part of this experience. 😊


2016-2017 Carlynton Projects:


group pics


Written by Lacey, Project Trainer

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