Carlynton HS: Big Goals, Big EQ

Carlynton HS: Big Goals, Big EQ

This will be #StandTogether’s first year at Carlynton, but we can already tell it’s going to be amazing. One thing that stood out from the very beginning was the immense capacity for empathy of this group! EQ means ’emotional intelligence’ and this group of teens was incredibly open-minded, supportive, and engaging. They challenged themselves, each other, and even our staff to really address some of our own agendas and stigmas.

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These students worked hard from the get-go, sharing pieces of themselves and their experiences to really think about how to enact change in their school and their community. They were so excited to start project planning and ended up deciding on not one, but TWO 20161101_131011projects for this school year.

To give you an idea of how the project planning phase works, the students have already spend the first day (and a half) engaging in educational and team-building activities to prepare them to work together to enact social change through service-learning. Students are then presented with the questions, “What can you do to end stigma at your school?” Each student has the chance to share their ideas and consider how they address our goals of stopping stigma, engaging others, and promoting further assistance. We go through pre-designed toolkits and previous projects to give them even more ideas. Then the students vote for which ideas they think will best help them educate and act on the stigma in their school.

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Words cannot begin to express the compassion in this room and we’re more than excited to see how their projects play out this year.

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