Environmental Charter: Welcome Back!

Environmental Charter: Welcome Back!

Environmental Charter School was with us for years 1-2 of the project, but had to take last year off. We’re excited to have them back this year to STAND TOGETHER against stigma and increase education & awareness at their school!


These teens were rock stars! They were so focused and attentive and worked really hard to learn the mental illnesses and how to help a friend in need. They had really great ideas on how to be supportive and encouraging with their peers and who to go to when they needed further assistance (Adults we trust: counselors, teachers, nurses, SAP coordinators, parents, etc.). Although ECS doesn’t have a SAP program, per se, they are working hard to create a referral system for students experiencing mental or behavioral health issues and this is AWESOME! These 8th graders get to help their school pilot this great program; what an opportunity it will be for them to share what they’ve learned with the teachers and staff, as well as their peers!

Students listened intently as Program Assistant, Montaja, shared her own personal story on the ‘road to recovery’ and many students opened up about their own struggles, hopes, dreams, and fears. Stand Together often provides the initial ‘safe place’ for students to start the conversations about mental health and we’re just glad we can spark this for them!


It’s not all work and no play, however! Students always love the pizza and pop lunches and fellowship with our Staff. An active body also helps promote an active mind and they enjoyed a ‘brain break;’ most of the students were surprised to see how fast their teacher, Ms. Hibbard was!

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Stay tuned to see what project these students decide to facilitate in the Spring!

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