Meet Our Staff: Montaja, Project Assistant

Meet Our Staff: Montaja, Project Assistant

Hi-ya! Montaja here! I am the one of the assistants for the Stand Together Project. I am the sidekick to Danyelle and you will see me helping with activities and answering questions Danyelle may not have a chance to get to throughout the course of the training.

I graduated from Youngstown State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Theater. Just recently, I took part in Certified Peer support training. This training is for people who have ‘lived experience.’ This means I have a diagnosed mental Illness (in my case, Major Depressive Disorder).My therapist suggested the training. I already had experience being a peer mentor in college acting as a bridged for incoming freshmen to find the resources they need to survive their first year of college life. Why not be a peer support specialist- aiding in the recovery of everyday people living with mental illness? The training process helped me accept my diagnosis. Bringing joy and helping others have also help me on my own recovery journey. I am also skilled in recovery and (WRAP) Wellness Recovery Action Plans. WRAP is a system to take better care of yourself and give the proper direction to family and friends to aid you when situations feel out of control.

I enjoy all things artistic and creative; I am an active social media users and love a good article, blog or vlog. I run a Facebook group for artist of all kinds. I also write reviews for live theater shows around the city, all while building my career as a performer.

Recovery is a lifelong journey; discover yourself- your true self will lead you to wellness.

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