Helping Students Realize their Potential: National School Counselor's Week

Helping Students Realize their Potential: National School Counselor's Week

School counselors not only prepare students for life beyond the confines of the middle/high school, but also provide support and encouragement. More and more, school counselors are the adult a student turns to when they find they need help. The American School Counselor Association states that “school counselors help students focus on academic, career, and social/emotional development so students can achieve success in school and are prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society” (ASCA). Some of the other things counselors are…2-8-17 NSCW poster

Today, school counselors are some of the most important and prominent members of a school’s faculty. They’re caring, compassionate, and genuinely concerned with the well being of the children they deal with. Social, behavioral, mental, and emotional problems are also often addressed by school counselors as well. For instance, school counselors will often help students who are struggling academically; being bullied by peers; abuse drugs or alcohol; or experiencing abuse or other problems at home. School counselors might also help students who are dealing with issues such as low self-esteem and time management.

Some of our Stand Together advisors are school counselors or are employed in that capacity in our schools.

2-8-17 Ms. Cap-Linda Capozzoli, Brentwood High School: Brentwood has participated in Stand Together for 3 years now. The director of Special Education for the district had requested the school get involved in the project and they have had great success. For several years the group has also worked together with the video production team to create informative PSA’s for suicide prevention and Stand Together itself.

-Bryan McCarthy, Arsenal Middle School: Arsenal has also been involved with Stand Together for 3 years. Initially the program was under the direction of the school social worker, Monica Tillman, but has since been facilitated by Mr. McCarthy. Mr. McCarthy actually works for Communities in Schools. A CIS Site Coordinator works inside schools to assess needs and deliver necessary resources. These Coordinators are consistent, caring adults whose job is to support students to succeed, whether it be in the classroom or dealing with something outside of their control or in their environments.2-8-17 Ms. Dojo

-Stacie Dojonovic, Ph.D., Fox Chapel Area High School: This is Fox Chapel’s first year with Stand Together. Ms. Dojonovic is the Transition Facilitator at the school, but is also a LPC, a licensed professional counselor. She also advises the school’s Best Buddies program, an inclusion initiative with special emphasis on students with disabilities. Having both programs in their school affords Fox Chapel an unique opportunity to combat stigma from multiple perspectives as well as partner to increase their impact on the student body.

Thank you, School Counselors (and like professionals!) for all you do for our students, schools and communities. Stand Together appreciates your committment to meeting each individual where they are and helping them to be the best they can be!

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