Propel-Braddock Hills HS: Blacking Out Stigma-Once Again!

Propel-Braddock Hills HS: Blacking Out Stigma-Once Again!

Propel Braddock High School completed their training in November, and at the end of it all, I was so impressed. Propel is no stranger to the Stand Together program, as it is their fifth year implementing it within their school. This year they had a lot of returning members, and some fresh faces, which showed me how dedicated this group is.


IMG_4483We started the first day of training with a bit of educational pieces. The discussions that took place during each topic were enthusiastic and thoughtful. The students stayed open-minded IMG_4661and respected one another, even when they had different opinions. Since most of the students were returning members, they had a wonderful rapport with each other; and the students who were new to the program were welcomed into the group.

During the second day of training, we began to plan some projects for their school. Since Propel High has always had extremely impressive projects, I was eager to see what they would come up with this year. When some of the students told me their ideas, I thought in my head there was no way that would be able to work in a school! However, the students explained their ideas so well and really changed my mind on whether it was do-able or not. To see the students all problem-solve together was inspiring and made me appreciate my job even more.


Thank you Propel High for sharing your creative ideas on how to stop stigma and allowing me to be along for the ride! I cannot wait to see how your projects turn out. 😊



Written by Lacey, Project Trainer

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