Throwback Thursday: W. Allegheny Indians Return with Intention & Innovation

Throwback Thursday: W. Allegheny Indians Return with Intention & Innovation

This is West Allegheny’s second year in Stand Together and they return with even more excitement and creativity. Although last year was their first year in the program, they went above and beyond with three unique food give-aways and two assemblies that really made an impact in their school. This year, we expect nothing less-and even more!



IMG_20181030_121443The students at West Allegheny are not only very knowledgeable about mental health and have an incredible passion for their work, but they are also very open about their own challenges. Although this is not something that is entirely unique in Stand Together teams, WA students are incredibly vocal and vulnerable both inside and outside of the group and this has a tremendous impact on their peers, as well as the students themselves.IMG_20181023_101711_1


This year we added some additional information about substance use. The students had many questions and I even had to get back to some of them! The students were very thoughtful and empathetic when considering their responses and reactions to the role-play scenarios and loved the WHAPP game. It got pretty heated throughout several of the activities, including the fan-favorite, Ships & Sailors, and there was even a friendly spat between brothers!





The students returned this year with a stronger sense of the school needs and how they wanted to change the schoolIMG_20181030_101408 culture. Although the value of education is still there, this year students really wanted to increase the awareness of the staff and challenge them in their relationships with students. One of the goals of Stand Together is to encourage students to reach out to an adult they trust when they are worried about themselves or others and relationships with staff and teachers are critical to facilitating this process. Students plan to use professional development time to provide some education and awareness to staff, but also promote social inclusion and help-seeking behaviors by connecting with the members of the group. In addition, the group is planning a Color Run in the spring to engage their entire school as well as the community in their efforts to end stigma.




It’s going to be another big year for West Allegheny. Although the idea of completing projects of this caliber can be daunting, we have no doubts the students will rise to the challenge and defy all expectations. This group is full of strong leaders, passionate voices, and big hearts. We can’t wait to see your projects in action!


Written by Danyelle, coordinator

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