Week 1: West Mifflin HS & MS

Week 1: West Mifflin HS & MS

We had an absolutely AMAZING first week in the West Mifflin school district! Ms. Rowe’s & Ms. Roman’s groups learned so much, shared openly, and starting thinking about some amazing project ideas. Thanks for being our ‘guinea pigs’ and helping us work out the basic kinks!

20160920_102335 75 (!) high schoolers joined us on Tuesday and they were loud and proud against stigma! We enjoyed many activities, including defining key terms, matching definitions, and Kahoot!-ing some myths away!

20160920_102631     20160920_101914     20160920_105550


Everyone had a great time and no one left alone!

20160920_105615     20160920_105605

Thursday, Ms. Roman’s group experienced some frustration during our puzzle exercise 20160922_092722 but quickly gained momentum as a group during the matching and myths activities as well!

20160922_104333     20160922_112006


By the end of the day, the students had bonded and were excited to begin thinking about their projects for this year!



Revisit our blog next week to see some of the project planning process as our groups learn and grow TOGETHER!


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