Week 2: West Mifflin HS & MS

Week 2: West Mifflin HS & MS

I continue to be impressed by this great group of teens from West Mifflin! Not only are they on years 4 & 2, respectively, in the program, but they never stop learning and growing. They’ve already made such an impact in their schools and I can’t wait to see their projects in the Spring!

Both schools reviewed our purpose statement and goals:

  1. 1) Decrease negative attitudes and beliefs among adolescents toward peers and adults with mental illness and/or substance use disorders
  2. 2) Decrease social distance between adolescents and their peers who have a mental illness and/or substance use disorders
  3. 3) Encourage adolescents to speak with an adult when they become concerned about themselves or a peer who is depressed, suicidal, or exhibiting other signs/symptoms of a mental illness and/or substance use disorder

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WMHS students celebrated Spirit Week by dressing up in a Disney theme, but that didn’t stop them from working hard to brain-storm their own projects and how to improve their infamous Glow Dance. Groups also explored the concept of acceptance (masks), peer inclusion, visual representation, and ‘safe havens.’



WMMS is certainly wise beyond their years! This group had so many great ideas that it was hard to sort through them all! They even came up with some of the same ideas as the HS and maybe they can work together on a project this year. The movie Inside Out was brought up repeatedly and I can see this being a very successful peer education campaign!

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These students aren’t afraid to SPEAK UP & SPEAK OUT! against stigma! And check out these awesome Stand Together shirts!


Join us next week when we start our rally for change at Arsenal MS (PPS) and Environmental Charter! Stay tuned!



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