Youth Workshop 1

A full day workshop for 20 middle or high school students delivering age appropriate, interactive lessons that educate students about stigma and mental illness. All learning activities will present information in an engaging way so that students can understand it, own it, and take compassionate action against it.



Youth Workshop 2

A full day service-learning workshop for the same 20 students. Students will20171101_111843 learn how to implement the service-learning process to take self-directed action to decrease stigma in their schools through the completion of a service-learning project. Prior to the end of the workshop, students will learn about the mini-grant opportunity and work on a first draft of their proposal, which the students will turn in to receive funds to implement their projects in their schools for their peers.



 20171012_110426Technical Assistance

Our Project Trainers are with advisors every step of the way. Trainers visit schools to further assist with project planning, answer calls and questions from advisors, and enjoy experiencing the students projects in action. Just like we remind the students, you’re not alone.

For more information, check out our handout.