Recap of Pandemic from Moi Moi’s perspective

I like to stay at home and spend time in my room most of the day. I tend to spend time outside sometimes just for a walk or just to look at scenery with friends. As the pandemic hits hard and since we can’t leave the house, I spend time in my room as usual and it feels normal for me.

However, being at home most of the time changed my routine such as sleeping late and waking up late as well as becoming lazier to do anything. So, I started to draw a plan for myself and set a time for everything I do because if I don’t the time will just go to waste; I use my planner to block out specific times for specific activities. Of course, online classes were hard and very stressful, however it depends on the time you used. For me, my teachers let us take breaks during the day and I would use that time to do some self-care; walks were a staple for me. I also used these breaks during the day to drink some tea and play on my phone.

I also had to change the ways I made school work for me. I attended my classes on time (even though they were virtual) and I had more time to complete the assignments. Also a lot of teachers were very considerate to us by giving us more time to work on the works they gave us. Like I mentioned before, online classes were hard, but it’s important to be aware of how you use your time. I preferred to do my classwork at night, so I was allowed to take this time throughout the day to take care of me.

As we have more time to ourselves than usual, we need to give the time to ourselves to relieve stress as much as we spend on school time; school/life balance is really important. Staying at home makes me feel closer to my family because we started to have dinner together and started a conversation which heals me and makes me feel happier. I started to realize as well that family can be very supportive and helpful in every way because they will always be near us and together with us.

This pandemic has taught us tons of lessons and experiences. One thing I learned from this experience is the importance of taking care of ourselves and which can be still useful in the future. Taking care of ourselves should become a priority because instead of having negative thoughts and losing hope. Having a positive mind and taking care of ourselves can bring happiness and overcome what may happen and also create a better environment for me to learn and grow. 

Guest Blog Written by Moi, Learn and Earn Intern