Students, adult leaders (advisors), and trainers have a wealth of information on this site available to them at their fingertips! Follow the links to find specific pages for each of these roles. You will find everything you need there!


The core Stand Together team in a school consists of approximately 20 diverse students, including leaders and individuals that have been affected by mental health or substance use disorders (personally or friends/family), and should be representative of the student body. These students will be responsible for meeting on a regular basis after the training workshops to design and implement their projects for the student body. This student-to-student approach has been incredibly successful in not only our program, but in other projects across the country.


Adult Leaders:

‘Advisors’ oversee the students work throughout the year. All projects are entirely student-drive, so the advisor is responsible for guiding the group through the process and helping them with project planning and implementation. The adult advisor is also responsible for communicating with other school staff and administration, and functions as the main point of contact for the Stand Together project (under the direction of Mike Gruber, Danyelle Hooks, and Lacey Agresta at Allegheny County’s DHS). Their duties also include documentation and being present at the student meetings.



This role is optional, however our model has used this successfully for over 5 years. Trainers are external staff that facilitate the workshops with the Stand Together teams and are responsible for coordinating all of the project details, including , workshops and recognition events. One trainer also fulfills a role coordinating, recruiting, and managing fiscal items. More than one trainer is only necessary if the number of schools reaches beyond a trainer’s capacity (depending on the organization structure of that project). In lieu of a trainer, the adult leaders could take the role of training the students in the workshops and coordinating other activities.