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Carlynton HS: 'S(t)and-ing Together' for the 1:4

Carlynton HS: 'S(t)and-ing Together' for the 1:4

Although it was Carlynton’s first year in the Stand Together initiative, they hit the ground running! CHS joined us as a Tier 2 school this year, completing two tool-kits and facilitating 4 days worth of activities during their school’s lunch periods. Although CHS is small, their team is mighty and full of energy, passion, and innovative ideas.

table smiles

sandThe first week of March, the students held their ‘sand’ and ‘dirt’ bake sale. Apparently this is all the rage right now, but if you don’t know, ‘sand’ is vanilla pudding with crushed graham crackers and ‘dirt’ is chocolate pudding with crushed Oreos. The students spread the word that ‘stigma is dirt-y‘ and they should ‘s(t)and together.’ Students lined up before lunch even began and their batches sold out within 10 minutes of each lunch! Each cup had a purple flag that had a myth and fact about mental illness or stigma on it to educate their peers. Students were encouraged to read their facts and share them with their friends. Students that completed the pre-survey were also given a code for a FREE cup of their choice.

chain links

At the end of May, the students followed up with a 1:4 day activity. Students signed slips of paper that were linked together to signify that they were going to stand together as a school to stop stigma. One in four links was green to represent the 1:4 students that are affected by a mental health condition. The chains were displayed in the lobby to remind the students of what they learned and their pledge.

pledge signing

Students also had the opportunity to have their picture taken with the #standtogether logo, one in four facts, and used fun summer props. Students took photos in groups of four, with one student with a different colored props, again, representing the 1:4 statistic. The greatest thing was that when a student didn’t have a group of four, members of the team stood in to complete the group! Check out the fun poses from our members:

group pic 2 group pic

Thank you, Carlynton HS team members and your advisors, Mr. Pepe & Ms. Rowley! You guys rocked our socks off!

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