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Penn Hills MS: Linton Leads

Penn Hills MS: Linton Leads

Linton Middle School participated in Stand Together for the first time this year. I was nervous to see how the students were going to be able to make an impact with such a large student body! When we did introductions, many of the students did not know each other, which gave them a chance to meet new students and expand their support system.

IMG_4872When we started our first day of training, the students were still hesitant to open up and share their ideas and thoughts with the group. As the first day went on and we had many team-building activities, you could see the friendship and trust building among the students. By the end of the day, I didn’t want to interrupt their discussions because they were so involved and passionate about what they were saying. The way the students were asking questions and hearing responses was so impressive to me, especially from middle school IMG_4913students!

On the second day, we began project planning. Since this is Linton’s first year, they decided it would be best to work on the Lemonade for Change toolkit. The students were broken up into three groups and each given a specific food item to focus on. The three food items that the group voted on was hot cocoa, lollipops, and cookies. I was most impressed with the clever names that each group had come up with. All the toolkits really focused on how the group could educate and spread awareness about mental illness and substance abuse to their peers. By the end of the day, the students had written out a plan to achieve for their projects.

Thank you, Linton Middle, for allowing me to come in and learn about each one of you and how these topics mean something different to you all. I cannot wait to come back in and see the impact that you all have made on your school!


Written by Lacey, trainer

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