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Woody High: Rise Up!

Woody High: Rise Up!

Woodland Hills High School rose to the challenge in their first year in Stand Together. After participating in the two-day training, these new Stand Together members collaborated on great ideas to present to their student body.


On Thursday April 4th the Stand Together crew stuck it to stigma by “Sticking 2gether!” As students filled the lunchroom, the Stand Together team announced the purpose for their table and encouraged their peers to “Stick 2gether” with them via a post-it note activity.



DSCN1706-rCandy was the motivation driving this event! Stand Together students used sweets to usher their peers over to their table. Once they arrived, the task at hand was simple: students were directed to write an encouraging message of hope to those struggling with mental illness or substance abuse disorders. They could also write down their own knowledge about those said topics. Each student or staff got to pick a yellow or blue posted note, write their message, and were rewarded with a sweet treat. The post-it notes were then placedDSCN1710-r on a main wall in the cafeteria; every 4th row was blue to represent the 1 and 4 people who struggle with a mental and/or substance abuse disorders. The goal was a visual representation of solidarity. You are not alone!


In addition to Woody Highs “Stick 2gether” sticky note event, the Stand Together team created an Instagram page @whstandtogether and a hash tag #WoodyHighRiseUp. Be sure to check them out!


Woodland Hills High School has set a great foundation to combat the stigma surrounding mental and substance use disorders. We look forward to seeing what you think up next! Great first year, keep up the good work!




Written by Montaja, trainer

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