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S. Allegheny MS Sends Stigma Spinning

S. Allegheny MS Sends Stigma Spinning

The Stand Together team at South Allegheny Middle School decided to tackle the stigma around mental health for their first year in the program. For three different days this month, team members hosted an information game table with a spinning wheel to ‘Send Stigma Spinning.’



During several lunch periods in a highly-used intersection of their school hallway, ST members encouraged their classmates to test their knowledge about mental illness and the stigma surrounding it. Participants were eager to give the wheel a spin for a chance to win some cool mental health awareness swag. Numbers on the wheel corresponded to various mental health notecards. These included true/false, short answer, and questions for the students to answer. No matter if you got the questions right or wrong, students were rewarded for their effort with a green pencil, bracelet, stress ball, or candy. Team members elaborated on correct answers and provided education when students answered a question incorrectly. No matter the participant, students learned much about mental health and stigma.



IMG_20190516_113446The table also featured a pledge poster with pens and markers for the students to sign as a sign of solidarity to ‘Stand Together’ against mental health stigma. Posters defining stigma and South Allegheny’s promise to ‘Rise by Lifting Others’ added an additional feeling of unity among the students, faculty, and staff.


South Allegheny’s principal Katelyn Vogel and guidance counselor Kristy Roche are excited to continue the mission next year. They spoke about Stand Together t-shirts and future projects.IMG_20190516_113224 One activity they are really excited about is a colorful feather mural for all students to participate in, once again to display their unity as a school that stands up to stigma and will continue to rise by lifting others. This year’s team set the foundation and we can’t wait to see them in action next year. Keep those great ideas coming! Good job, South A!






Written by Montaja, trainer

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