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Speak to Me: Montour HS Talks about Stigma

Speak to Me: Montour HS Talks about Stigma

3The first school we had this year for training was Montour High School. Before we even began the training, I was so impressed with this school. They have an awesome room where students can go talk with another student peer. I could tell this school was going to have a great couple of training days.


By the end of day 1, I was so impressed with this group and how2 emotionally mature they are! All of the students were participating during our education section which made for some intriguing conversations. At the end of day 1, you could feel the excitement that the students had for this program.



On Day 2 we did some project planning and almost completed the “Food-4-Though” toolkit! The students worked in groups to discuss separate ideas for how they could do the project. We all came together at the end and collaborated. The students showed each other respect and listened to one another’s ideas, giving their opinions and suggestions in a kind manner. Before we knew it, the day was over!


I am so excited to see what these students will create. I really feel like they have a passion for ending the stigma within their school. Excellent job, Montour!!!




Written by Lacey, trainer

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