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Propel BHHS: Stigma is Sour-Support is Sweet

Propel BHHS: Stigma is Sour-Support is Sweet

Stigma is Sour-Support is Sweet! This is the motto echoing in the halls of Propel Braddock Hills High School after their recent slushie event. Monday morning, Stand Together students hosted a snow cone stand for their peers in each lunch period. The group members ran different stations of the stand to guide their fellow classmates through the activity, educate them about mental health conditions, and reward them with a fun treat to ‘ice out stigma.’



20190325_113717The snow cone event was the first event of this year’s activity week. The group also used their video editing skills to piece together an educational video about the events to be advertised in each classroom. Another event, entitled ‘Shine a Light on Mental Illness, ‘ took place after the students viewed the clip in their ‘crews’ (like homeroom). Paper lanterns were given to each ‘crew’ as prompts to engage in conversations about mental illness. Teachers and students were asked to write statements and questions about mental health on the lanterns. Later in the year, these lanterns will be displayed in the school to illustrate the importance of inclusion, support, hope, and encouragement (S.H.E.).


The last event of the year is a visual representation of the 1 in 4 ratio of individuals that are affected by mental and/or substance use disorders in a given year. Students are encouraged to ‘X’ out stigma as they become aware of this ratio. Using their student body, 25% of the school will display an ‘X’ on their face. Those students who volunteer will be gifted a ‘Shine a Light on Mental Health’ t-shirt for participating.



Stand Together team members are working hard to create a safe and inclusive environment for individuals with-and without-mental and substance use disorders in their school. Remember, #itsokaytonotbeokay’ and #itsokaytoaskforhelp. Propel BHHS ST group has got what it takes to bring people together and to be a beacon of hope. Great job! Keep promoting mental health awareness!


Written by Montaja, trainer

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